Wine staging update.

Alistair Leslie-Hughes leslie_alistair at
Wed Feb 21 16:07:17 CST 2018

Hi Everyone,

Big thanks for Sebastian and Michael for all the work they have done over
the years to make wine-staging such a success.

The new repository is at

I've taken the challenge of maintaining wine-staging with the help of 
Thomas Crider
Zebediah Figura

We are in the middle of rebasing all the patches, which is a considerable task.
After two and a half months of nothing being done, there are huge amount of
conflicts. People who have never done this, please understand it is time consuming
process.  We are about 90% of our way through them.
(Advise on how to speed up this process are welcome.)

I am working on getting access to the build infrastructure to make wine-staging
packages but everything takes time.

In the short term our goals are
1. Rebase to a state that it compiles
2. Rework any patch to restore functionally.
3. Make an initial release.

Longer term Goals
1. Reduce the amount of patches in staging (Currently sitting just over 1100)
2. Improve links between a patch and application/bug report.

Once the initial release, we'll start accepting new patches.

Thanks everyone for the support and encouragement for this project to succeed.

Best Regards
  Alistair Leslie-Hughes

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