Automating analysis of behaioural differences between Wine and Windows?

George Gonzalez ggonzalez at
Sun Jan 28 12:45:36 CST 2018

When I asked about something similar, whether it was okay to stopwatch 
how long it takes the Windows default windowproc to process a certain 
message, in order to determine whether that message got handled at all, 
I got some dubious looks, so I didn't pursue that path.  It's probably 
an ambiguous point, are we violating the "reverse engineering" clauses 
if we notice how long a Windows API takes?   Is 4'33 of silence, 
anywhere, a violation of John Cage's copyright?   On such abstruse legal 
decisions pettifogging legal beagles gold-plate their yachts.

( In the 1940's, Northwest Airlines, on Dec 31'st each year, they would 
fly every plane to a small airport in North Dakota, where their auditor 
would photograph their presence, to document that all their planes were 
"domiciled" in North Dakota, thereby they only had to pay ND taxes on 
them.  That case went all the way to the Supreme Court.   One judge's 
opinion was that since they had ruled in 1881 and 1933 that railroad 
cars had to be taxed in their state of longest residence, planes should 
be likewise taxed.   ) FYI: Excerpts: 

but, bottom line, I have no idea.

On 01/26/2018 04:47 PM, Daniel Santos wrote:
> Some time back I had investigated a concept for a tool to aid in
> discovering behavioral differences between Wine and Windows.  I have
> most of the technological issues figured out -- it would be a bit of an
> undertaking, but can be developed iteratively so that it could begin to
> pay for its self fairly soon.  However, I need advise on rather or not
> it would create tort.
> Put simply, it would be a layer built into Wine that records win32/64
> API calls and their results and another layer on Windows that does the
> same.  The two results can then be analyzed to discover behavioral
> differences.  Of course, this is a heavily over-simplified explanation
> as there are many gory details of how to make this work, perform
> acceptably, produce useful information, remove noise, etc., but could
> this produce a legal problem?  I would hope to be able to use such a
> tool on a typical piece of commercial software with a typical EULA.  To
> me, it doesn't seem differ much from what antivirus software does.
> Thanks,
> Daniel

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