Call for WineConf presentations

Alistair Leslie-Hughes leslie_alistair at
Thu Mar 29 21:34:12 CDT 2018

Hi Henri,

I would like to hear about support for DTXn. (as long as someone

records it for me). Since the patent on this format has expired.

It's now officially part of mesa(17?), and since a large number of bugs

depend on this missing feature. How could we get implement

it quickly?


On 29/03/18 22:02, Henri Verbeet wrote:
> Thanks for taking care of this.
> Before all the good slots are gone :D, would there be interest in some
> kind of introductory talk about Wine Direct3D architecture? I.e., how
> the various DLLs relate, what the various blocks of functionality are,
> etc. I imagine such a talk might be interesting for some of the newer
> contributors, but perhaps too obvious/boring for some of the others.
> Thoughts?
> Henri

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