Bugs To Fix?

Thales thaleslv at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 16 21:50:43 CST 2019

Thanks, Stefan!  Sounds like there is wide latitude.  
...John    On Monday, December 16, 2019, 05:47:42 PM CST, Stefan Dösinger <stefandoesinger at gmail.com> wrote:  

There are plenty of bugs, we have enough to keep everyone busy :-) .
Other than "it would be great to have this bug fixed", other things to
keep in mind is how difficult the bug is to fix, how much investigative
effort has been put into it and what your area of interest is.


Am 17.12.19 um 00:03 schrieb Thales:
> Hello,
> What are some of the most important bugs that need fixing?   I would
> like to take a crack at one or more.  I've been looking at Bugzilla and
> there's quite a bit there to sift through.
> Thanks for any feedback!
> ...John Alway

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