Experimenting with wine-pba

Gabriel Iv─âncescu gabrielopcode at gmail.com
Fri Jun 7 09:24:28 CDT 2019

Hi all,

Anyone have any experience with the wine-pba patchset? (Persistent 
Buffer Allocator)

The one I know of hasn't been rebased for a long time and so won't apply 
on current wine, although I see Lutris does make use of it, but not sure 
if only on older wine versions. Is there some way to get it compiled 
into current wine so I can test it out? (or perhaps into wine-staging, 
if it requires that). If not, what's the last wine / wine-staging 
version that supported it?

I'm interested in comparing the performance between it and DXVK on some 
games I'm testing, especially those where DXVK seems to provide almost 
no benefit (or sometimes even worse performance!) over wined3d, which is 
a bit odd. I've seen numerous claims that wine-pba provides even greater 
performance than DXVK on certain titles, so I'm curious.

At this point, it might also be something on my end regarding Vulkan and 
why DXVK doesn't really shine. If PBA gives a large performance gain, 
then it would be interesting to see why DXVK is so slow (otherwise it 
could just be the game itself that's the problem).

Overall I think it would be nice to experiment with it.


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