[PATCH 1/3] windowscodecs/tests: In the tests of DdsDecoder_Initialize(), use broken() for cube map and uncompressed DDS image.

Ziqing Hui zhui at codeweavers.com
Wed Jul 8 22:03:50 CDT 2020

I think you are right, it would be better to have some Wine-specific stuff.

Uncompressed DDS and cube map will fail on DdsDecoder_Initialize().

What about introduce a Wine-specific COM interface called WineDdsInitializer which has only one function WineDdsInitializer_Initialize() that won't fail for uncompressed DDS and cube map.  I think this is the simplest solution for the situation here. What do you think?

On 7/9/20 12:11 AM, Esme Povirk (they/them) wrote:
> I don't like the idea of returning success when native would fail and
> relying on this in other parts of Wine. It's possible that an
> application depends on these image types failing, and we wouldn't be
> able to fix that application without breaking d3dx10.
> We can add our own components that are different from native, like the
> existing ICNS and TGA format support. One possibility would be to have
> two CLSIDs for our DDS decoder. It could behave the same as native
> when invoked with CLSID_WICDdsDecoder, and accept these files when
> invoked with CLSID_WineDdsDecoder. We could then use
> CLSID_WineDdsDecoder in other parts of Wine.
> Wine-specific COM interfaces could also work.

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