[PATCH] shlwapi: Fix SHRegDuplicateHKey declarations.

Serge Gautherie winehq-git_serge_180711 at gautherie.fr
Tue May 19 10:16:38 CDT 2020

On 19/05/2020 16:49, Nikolay Sivov wrote:

> On 5/19/20 5:45 PM, Serge Gautherie wrote:
>> -@ stdcall SHRegDuplicateHKey(long) shlwapi.SHRegDuplicateHKey
>> +@ stdcall SHRegDuplicateHKey(ptr) shlwapi.SHRegDuplicateHKey
> This is fine as it is, because argument is a handle.

I am wondering about HKEY > HANDLE > void *.
Shouldn't handles be declared as pointers in spec files?
If not, then what about '@ stdcall SHRegCloseUSKey(ptr)' for example?

> Please don't add such comment headers, most of them were removed during
> shcore transition.

Noted, I wasn't sure this removal was intended.

>> -HKEY WINAPI SHRegDuplicateHKey(HKEY);
>> +HKEY WINAPI SHRegDuplicateHKey(IN HKEY hKey);
> What is this useful for?

There are IN annotations elsewhere in the tree, so why not here too?


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