Gitlab experiment wrapup

Giovanni Mascellani gmascellani at
Wed Jun 15 02:38:27 CDT 2022


Il 14/06/22 22:01, Alexandre Julliard ha scritto:
> Signed-off-by is convenient because the git tools have direct support
> for it, but the real motivation for us was to keep track of who
> submitted the patch, to support sending a patch written by someone else.
> In that case the convention with email is to set From: to the original
> author, but the committer info is lost, hence the Signed-off-by.
> With merge requests, the information of who submitted the merge request
> is preserved independently of the commit contents, so the easiest option
> is to simply get rid of signoffs completely.

If that was the only intended meaning of the SOBs, then yes, I would say 
than now we have a better options and we could get rid of them.

Right now the SOBs also help keeping a trace of who had a look at the 
patch and said it was good, which might be an interesting information to 
keep tracking. My point is that we shouldn't be using SOB for that, 
because its standard meaning is another one.

In other words, there are a few different pieces of information that it 
can make sense to track for a certain commit:
  * who authored it;
  * who committed it;
  * who reviewed it from the technical point of view;
  * who checked that it's ok from the copyright point of view to have it 
in Wine.

For any of these we can (in principle) choose whether we want it or not, 
but each of them should be recorded in a way that is aligned with the 
standard best practices.


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