Little correction to kernel32.spec

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sat May 11 17:46:14 CDT 2002

> Changelog:
>  - The definition of GetSystemWideDirectory{A,W} in kernel32.spec had
> some ptr args, while they are supposed to be {str, wstr} respectively.
I think we should keep the ptr here...
in fact, the difference between str and ptr (in relay trace for 32 bit
functions) is that, on entry, str will tell the relay code to trace the
string itself, whereas ptr will only trace its address
in this case, the API expects a buffer to be filled by the function
([out] in MSDN doc), which means that the string in the argument while
entering the function has no meaning

only the value contained in the buffer at exit time is of interest

so, leaving them as ptr is the thing to do (OTOH the Set???? form of
API needs to have a str)


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