Greg Turner gmturner007 at ameritech.net
Sun Oct 27 21:37:50 CST 2002

On Sunday 27 October 2002 06:59 pm, Greg Turner wrote:
> This one is good for a laugh.  It sucessfully marshalls "hello", but
> truncates "world," and fails to reply back to the client that it's done. 
> Still, that's actual data going across the wire, so it kind of makes me
> happy.
> Perhaps I should say that it makes me "ha".
> * dlls/rpcrt4: ndr_marshall.c, ndr_midl.c: Greg Turner
> <gmturner007 at ameritech.net> - pull the buffer from the rpc message into the
> midl stub message during RpcServerInitializeNew
> - Attempt to implement NdrConformantStringUnmarshall
> - more assertions
> - comments and cleanups

Oops, did it again.  This patch also changes dlls/rpcrt4/ndr_message.c


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