Localization to the Portuguese

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at wanadoo.fr
Sat Jun 21 04:09:38 CDT 2003

Marcelo Duarte wrote:
> Hi,
> 	I intend to perhaps keep the support the Portuguese language and to other 
> tasks.
> 	Please, in any modifications to the resources, it would like to be informed 
> to translate them, because I can be the support to Brazilian Portuguese 
> language in the Wine.
good to have someone to this in charge...

> 	Alexandre, the portuguese of Brazil is slightly different of Portugal, but 
> ALL files *Pt.rc that I encountered is brazilian portuguese (because "File" 
> is translated to "Arquivo" in Brazil and to "Ficheiro" in Portugal, etc).
> The questions are: I need to separate them? Which is the correct behavior?
Since there are differences, and if you're ready to support those 
different, then we can always create two sets of resources for 
portugese: one for portugese from Portugal, another one for brasilian 
portugese. Note, that windows consider Brasilian portugese to be the 
default sublang for all portugese:s (which seems to me a bit ackward, 
but South America is likely closer to Redmond than Lusitania...)

Eric Pouech

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