[Toolbar] Fixes for IE Favourites 'menu'

Robert Shearman R.J.Shearman at warwick.ac.uk
Sun Oct 19 11:08:16 CDT 2003


This patch fixes a number of issues with the Internet Explorer favourites 
'menu'. The menu is really a customised toolbar, but there were a number of 
1. The (empty) entries weren't drawn as disabled. This was because our 
control wasn't using the states that had been changed by the WM_NOTIFY 
message at the start of drawing the button. According to MSDN, an app can do 
2. Disabled buttons can become "hot", but they are just not drawn differently 
(unless TBCDRF_HILITEHOTTRACK is specified).
3. The bitmaps weren't drawn properly. This was because the image list 
was set with a custom ID, but the custom ID for the button was set after the 
default image list (with 0 ID) had been retrieved (as it was I_IMAGECALLBACK) 
and so drawing was aborted.


- Use the style returned in custom draw structure to draw the button, as apps 
may modify the style this way
- Disabled buttons can become hot
- Retrieve image list for drawing after getting image list ID (in 

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