Different approach to a->w cleanup of crypt

James Hawkins truiken at gmail.com
Fri Aug 6 02:34:51 CDT 2004


    I have been trying to get my a->w cleanup of crypt committed for
quite some time now, and mostly with no luck because of all the bugs,
but I have a better idea about how accomplish this.  The problem is
that crypt requires a lot of changes to get rid of the w->a calls (the
patch was ~27k), and it's too risky to commit the patch even though it
looks like all the bugs are gone.  The solution is that I will change
one piece of crypt at a time and submit small patches that are easier
to find bugs in.  There are a number of private functions in crypt
though that cant be changed to unicode because it will break
compilation before the rest of the patches are submitted, so I will
submit unicode patches with a W appended to the name of the function
as in

static inline PSTR CRYPT_GetProvKeyName(PCSTR pProvName)
static inline PWSTR CRYPT_GetProvKeyNameW(PCWSTR pProvName) //added

Any public api functions that I change until the final patch will use
the W version while the unchanged version will continue using the
regular ansii version so as to not break compilation.

Along with the changes, I will also submit tests for the new unicode
api functions so they can be verified to be correct.

The first patch adds CRYPT_GetProvKeyNameW.

James Hawkins
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