winspool changes for printing on sparc-solaris

Eric Frias efrias at
Wed Nov 17 14:27:01 CST 2004

This patch has two active ingredients.  The last chunk forces a structure to
be properly aligned; this is necessary on sparc, and probably helpful on
other processors.  The rest of the patch enables wine to read the list of
printers from /etc/printers.conf, which is solaris' version of
/etc/printcap.  The format of printers.conf  is similar, but not identical
to, printcap, and this hack causes the printcap parser to read the
printers.conf file.  I'm sure the correct thing to do would be to write a
full parser for the printers.conf format, but this hack seems to work with a
whole lot less effort, and I think wine is better with the printers working
than not.

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