misc patches for sparc-solaris

Eric Frias efrias at syncad.com
Wed Nov 17 16:03:04 CST 2004

I'm starting to run out of explanations for these patches because not all of
these changes were made by me.  I'm fairly confident that the previous
patches are solid.  I know that the ones that follow work, but I might not
be able to describe the problem they fix or why they are correct.  Even if I
can't justify them well enough to have them committed to CVS, at least
they'll be in the mailing list archives for anyone else who wants to run
wine on sparc-solaris.

With that caveat, the first patch to import.c prevents xrealloc() from being
called to reallocate to zero bytes, which crashes on solaris.  We also
change the name of the data section from .data to .data.rel.local or
.data.rel.  This was originally posted to wine-devel by Juraj in October of
last year, but never applied to CVS.  It seems that this change was required
for gcc-3.3.1, but I'm not sure if it works on earlier versions of gcc or

There's a patch that changes the packing of a struct in winproc.c to the
default alignment, preventing an unaligned access.  I don't know of any
reason this would cause problems for anyone else.

Include <limits.h> in bin2res, required for PATH_MAX on Solaris.  I assume
this is safe for other platforms as well.

Force configure to compile wine-pthread (instead of wine-kthread) on

Fix assembly code generated for wine_switch_to_stack (also submitted to
wine-devel about a year ago).

Added wine_pthread_get_current_teb to linker script wine.map, NtCurrentTeb()
to ntdll.spec.  I think these were just overlooked before.

That's *almost* all of the patches I have for Solaris.  There will be one or
two tomorrow, but the worst part is over.

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