Make a default config in wineprefixcreate

Mike Hearn mike at
Thu Feb 10 09:08:59 CST 2005

The number of people confused by the sudden disappearance of the config
file with no working alternative is very high. Maybe this patch will
help them as a temporary measure.

Also, it can be quite annoying to have to make a new config file every
time you need to change versions or desktop mode.

Make a default config in wineprefixcreate
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--- tools/  (revision 132)
+++ tools/  (local)
@@ -167,6 +167,42 @@ cp "$datadir/wine.inf" "$CROOT/windows/i
 ${WINELOADER:-wine} rundll32.exe setupapi.dll,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 128 wine.inf
+# Create a small config file, this will suffice until we remove it entirely
+if [ ! -e "$WINEPREFIX/config" ];
+    cat <<EOF >"$WINEPREFIX/config"
+; Lines that start with a semi-colon are ignored
+; Other useful versions are "winxp", "win2k"
+; If none are specified, Wine tries to guess
+; Uncomment the line below to give Windows apps a virtual screen
+; Native MSI and DCOM can be used if Wines own versions aren't
+; complete enough for your programs. They must be installed from
+; Uncomment the next two lines if you want to use native MSI
+;"msi"="native, builtin"
+;"msiexec.exe"="native, builtin"
+; Uncomment the next three lines if you want to use native DCOM
+;"ole32"="native, builtin"
+;"oleaut32"="native, builtin"
+;"rpcrt4"="native, builtin"
 # Wait for the wineserver to finish
 if [ $do_update = 0 ]

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