OpenAL32.dll thunk and OpenAL winmm driver

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Sun Nov 26 13:39:51 CST 2006

Am Sonntag 26 November 2006 00:25 schrieb Nick Burns:
>   dlls/openal32/openal.c: main thunk file
>   dlls/openal32/ simple thunk makefile
>   dlls/openal32/openal32.spec: openal+alut spec file
>   dlls/winmm/wineopenal/audio.c: main winmm driver file
>   dlls/winmm/wineopenal/ simple winmm makefile
>   dlls/winmm/wineopenal/openal.c: simple interface
>   dlls/winmm/wineopenal/openal.h: simple header for simple interface
>   dlls/winmm/wineopenal/wineopenal.drv.spec: winmm spec file
I think you should send the thunk and winmm driver in 2 seperate patches
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