OpenAL winmm driver

Nick Burns adger44 at
Mon Nov 27 04:15:18 CST 2006

Cut down patch as per comments...
.: submitting the patch.

ChangeLog (Verbose): (Nick Burns)
  configure*: not submitted -- because the diff log is ginormus (spacing 
differences) (contains the same openal detection as previous patch and 
adds wineopenal winmm driver listing) adds simple openal detection (note: 
must run autoconf to make the new configure script) add winmm driver (its here now...)
  dlls/ add winmm driver
  include/ (same changes are previous patch -- can be made with 
autoheader -- but its small so its in)
  dlls/winmm/wineopenal/audio.c: main winmm driver file
  dlls/winmm/wineopenal/ simple winmm makefile
  dlls/winmm/wineopenal/openal.c: simple interface
  dlls/winmm/wineopenal/openal.h: simple header for simple interface
  dlls/winmm/wineopenal/wineopenal.drv.spec: winmm spec file

  This adds the rest of the dose of OpenAL goodness to wine -- an openal 
winmm driver
    This includes the ability to test winmm openal drivers ON real windows 
(if you have a real openal driver).
    Also another audio driver for Mac OSX (for a grand total of 2...)

- Nick

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