[transl 3/4] Port checkmakefile perl script to a php script (Try 2)

Paul Vriens paul.vriens.wine at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 03:19:30 CDT 2009


Try2 only parses the resources once and doesn't use "wrc
--verify-translation" anymore.

This replaces the current perl script by a php script that makes use of
the already existing php resource parsing.

The major difference is that transl now only list resources it can
actually show details for. This means the total number of resources is
down by two.

You will also see some extra errors for some languages, due to the fact
that strings are empty "" in the English(US) language and filled with
something in that other language.

Some kernel32 strings have something for the English(US) language but
not in some other languages. These are also marked as errors. Two of
them we know can be empty and the php script takes care of this
exception. If more exceptions are valid we need a more generic way of
dealing with them.

The warning count is currently not used but will be by next patches that
actually implement the visual aspects of the "Pedantic" mode.

   Port checkmakefile perl script to a php script


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