po: fixed remaining Slovenian true positives in the winepo error report

Jaka Kranjc smgl at lynxlynx.info
Wed Feb 22 09:18:22 CST 2012

On Wednesday 22 of February 2012 16:02:01 Francois Gouget wrote:
> On Wed, 22 Feb 2012, Jaka Kranjc wrote:
> > All the rest are either false positives (nocomma*) or strings to
> > whitelist.
> You mean that all the 'not translated' strings are actually translated
> and just happen to be the same as in English, right? I can add them.

> > * potool seems to have a problem with semicolons, even though they match
> > (also checked the hex dump) and wine's legend explicitly mentions it
> > supports them.
> Ah, I'm glad you mention it. I got the impression based on vague
> Wikipedia references and some of the translations that semicolons
> translated into commas in Slovenian:
>     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semicolon#Other_languages
>     msgid "Initialising; "
>     msgstr "Začenjanje, "
>     msgid "Paper jam; "
>     msgstr "Papir se je zataknil, "
>     msgid "I/O Active; "
>     msgstr "V/I je dejaven, "
>     (etc.)
> So I told pospell to expect things to be this way. But in that same
> set of messages three of them keep the semicolon as is:
>     msgid "Error; "
>     msgstr "Napaka; "
>     msgid "Not available; "
>     msgstr "Ni na voljo; "
>     msgid "Default Printer; "
>     msgstr "Privzeti tiskalnik; "
> And that's the three comma errors that pospell reports as far as I can
> tell. So what's the final word on semicolons in Slovenian?
We use semicolons like their graphic representation suggests - doesn't 
terminate a sentence like a dot, but means a longer pause than a comma 
(nothing to do with church slavonic). 
It is never used as a list separator, but the above examples are not clear — 
will something else be printed afterwards on the same line? The question could 
also become whether we should use colons or elipsis marks instead ...

So no, in general we do not substitute semicolons, but it depends on the 
original msgid context. Most translators are serious grammar nazis, so they/we 
tend to ignore mistakes in the original string.

To err is humor

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