[2/2] wineusr: Rewrite WineCfg Graphics tab documentation

André Hentschel nerv at dawncrow.de
Mon Jan 16 16:02:26 CST 2012

 en/wineusr-configuring.sgml |   28 +++++-----------------------
 1 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 23 deletions(-)

diff --git a/en/wineusr-configuring.sgml b/en/wineusr-configuring.sgml
index 02d30e6..2d3fc9c 100644
--- a/en/wineusr-configuring.sgml
+++ b/en/wineusr-configuring.sgml
@@ -244,19 +244,11 @@
           can configure.  For most people the defaults are fine.
-          The first few settings primarily affect games and are somewhat
+          The first setting primarily affect games and is somewhat
           self-explanatory.  You can prevent the mouse from leaving the
-          window of a DirectX program (i.e. a game.) and the default is
-          to have that box checked.  There's lots of
-          reasons you might want to do that, not the least of which
-          includes it's easier to play the game if the cursor is
-          confined to a smaller area.  The other reason to turn this
-          option on is for more precise control of the mouse - Wine
-          warps the location of the mouse to mimic the way Windows
-          works.  Similarly, "desktop double buffering" allows for
-          smoother updates to the screen, which games can benefit from,
-          and the default is to leave it turned on.  The tradeoff is
-          increased memory use.
+          window of a full-screen program (i.e. a game.) and the default
+          is to not have that box checked. That is mostly needed when using
+          a virtual desktop.
           You may find it helpful to <emphasis>Emulate a virtual 
@@ -266,17 +258,7 @@
           (possibly unsuccessfully) the screen resolution.  Confining them
           to a window can allow for more control over them at the possible
           expense of decreased usability.  Sizes you might want to try are
-          640x480 (the default) or 800x600.
-        </para>
-        <para>
-          Finally, you can configure some Direct3D settings.  For the
-          most part these settings are detected automatically, but you
-          can force them to behave in a specific manner.  Some games
-          attempt to probe the underlying system to see if it supports
-          specific features.  By turning these off Wine won't report
-          the ability to render games in a certain way.  It may lead
-          to the game running faster at the expense of the quality of
-          the graphics or the game may not run at all.
+          800x600 (the default) or 1024x768.

Best Regards, André Hentschel
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