po: Update Russian translation (try 3) (resend)

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Tue Jun 12 22:08:47 CDT 2012

 msgid "KeyID="
-msgstr "Код ключа="
+msgstr "Код ключа: "
 msgid "Other Name="
-msgstr "Другое имя="
+msgstr "Альтернативное имя: "

and many more like this.

Why did you not fix this?

Replacing the equal sign with a colon looks wrong to me but then I 
don't speak Russian. Still I have not seen anything to suggest that the 
typographic rules would be different in this regard. But Nikolay Sivov, 
who speaks Russian, seems to concur.

Note that this was reported to you back in May:

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