ntdll: Fixed some heap allocation stalls (try 2)

Steaphan Greene steaphan at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 12:23:22 CDT 2012

Running a game in wine showed it performing terribly.  I traced this to 
the fact that it allocates and deallocates tiny memory chunks over and 
over (I suspect it's in C++ and passing things by value everywhere).  
This led to huge stalls because the heap bins weren't fine-grained 
enough (these differed in size in steps of 8 bytes, but the bins 
differed by 16+, so it spent a lot of time searching each bin for a 
bigger block).  I added more fine-grained sizes to the smaller end of 
this, and now it runs faster in wine than it does natively.

This was run on Debian squeeze, amd64.

This fixes a copy-paste typo from my first try (thanks Matteo).

Steaphan Greene<steaphan at gmail.com>

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