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Tue Sep 20 15:31:33 CDT 2011

On Tuesday 20 September 2011 21:51:53 Dan Kegel wrote:
> A document or script showing how to set up a mac would be a good byproduct.
> ( is fine but kind of general, it has too
> many choices;
> a specific document or script showing exactly how you did it would be
> great.)
Well, my install procedure isn't really suitable for the average user, and 
basic developer even. I compile many libraries(png, tiff, etc) by hand and make 
install them to a special prefix because I don't trust fink, ports & Co(they 
screwed up my system in the past).

> Sounds like I should go back to a virtual desktop, since that
> would also solve the no-monitor-plugged-in problem.
I'm not sure. Using a virtual desktop hides interaction problems with Window 
managers, but shows problems with our own builtin window manager(if you can 
call it that).

Ideally we want both. For now I think it doesn't matter too much, I'll use a 
virtual desktop on OSX for now. In the long run we probably want a better way 
to provide the hardware(and room for the HW) than "Dan buys it".

I thought a bit about KVM switches: We have a pretty advanced one in the lab 
at school that somehow works over the network and is attached to a projector, 
and I think some people use it for the use cases I considered unlikely 
yesterday. It is possible that this device fakes that a monitor is attached to 
all input ports. But if it does, and other devices like it exist I think that 
you can buy a lot of cheap monitors for the price of that KVM switch.
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