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Lasse Melsaeter lasse.melsaeter at nooffice.com
Mon Apr 30 02:46:10 CDT 2001

Frank Fiene <frank.fiene at syntags.de> writes:
> Thanks. I set up my workspace as homepage, no problem
> But it would be nice working in managed mode, in the Notes Client i 
> don't need this feature but the designer is the problem, it is a 
> little bit difficult to design all parts of a database without the 
> bookmarks window.
> So i try everey wine release.

I use notes every day and the designer is where i usually spend most my
time. To be able to run notes in managed mode, i use desktop mode to
set workspace as default homepage, open designer and use the small tack
icon on the bookmarks to make the bookmarks stay visible all the time.
(something you can also do in the notes client)

Then when i restart notes/wine in managed mode, I get access to the 
workspace in the client and all the stuff i need in the designer while
still being able to keep everything managed by the window manager.

hope this helps.


Lasse Melsaeter <lasse.melsaeter at nooffice.com>
NoOffice Norge AS <http://www.nooffice.com/>


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