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Bernhard Mogens Ege bme at
Mon Apr 30 09:00:15 CDT 2001

>>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Mohr <aqi46g09cu001 at> writes:

> Bernhard Mogens Ege <bme at> wrote:

>> For the record, I am using the gnome/sawfish combination on XFree86
>> 4.0.1.
> Hmm, I'm sure somebody else is using that, too.

> Oh, and of course *I* forgot to mention that I'm using IceWM ;-\

> The only way to debug it is to use something like --debugmsg +relay,+win
> or so.

I guess my posting was a bit too long, but in essence, wine likes twm
and dislikes sawfish. I upgraded to sawfish 0.36 but that did not cure 
the problem. I am unable to solve the problem with wine/sawfish which
forces me to use another window manager.

Which window manager provides a similar gui as sawfish and still keeps 
a small memory usage?

enlightenment is huge (and gnomecc, Gnome control center doesn't work
with it).

twm does not provide enough functionality.

IceWM I do not know. Does it exist as a rpm package (for redhat 7.0)?



Bernhard Ege

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