Diablo II again

Robert Laverick wine at scabserver.com
Sat Aug 4 12:45:18 CDT 2001

Molf wrote:

> Robert Laverick wrote:
>> Yes I can see that this has been covered before, but here we start 
>> again.  I'm new to wine, and new ish to linux.  Have been trying to 
>> get Diablo II working for a while now. it starts off and almost 
>> straight away it stops, it dosn't exit it just sits there ocasionaly 
>> using a bit of cpu time (85% ish) I've left it for a long time (about 
>> 4 hours) with no dicernable change in this....  yeah 4 hours was a lot 
>> longer than I think is a useful time to wait but I got distracted.  
>> I've tried changing my colour depth to 8bpp but that didn't seem to 
>> make any difference, anyone got any clue what it could be think so 
>> hard about, other than how much it (like all technology) my do it's 
>> best to thwart me at every turn (yes I do think that it's personal, 
>> technology's got it in for me and I'll be damned if I let it beat me!)
>> Thanx in advance
>> Wine rocks!
>> PLEASE HELP I can kill windows if I can get this working!  well ok 
>> it'll stay where it is but this is the only thing that I need to 
>> re-boot my computer for now!
> This is caused by copy-protection. D2 goes into an infinite loop trying 
> to verify your cd. You'll probably find two (IIRC) wine processes 
> running plus the wineserver. If you kill the one that's processing, a 
> message will pop up saying that the game couldn't find the cd, with 
> options to retry or cancel. Unfortunately, the only way *I've* found 
> around this is to use a crack. Try searching Google for something like 
> "Diablo 2 no-cd crack". I believe some cracks allow b.net support, but I 
> don't use it so I'm not sure. Once patched though, I've found the game 
> to be beautifully playable under wine :)
> Molf
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I did use to get that, but I've fixed it a bit (mostly with help posted 
in another thread, I've got the no CD crack on and single player works 
ok, but when I'm operating the menues it does freez up total (I mean 
totaly, sound stutters, it's almost like a hardware lockup), 
ctrl-alt-backspace makes no difference, and I can't even change 
consoles.  I've been trying to get any kind of trace but it takes 
FOREVER to get even close to the crash with trace +all, anyone got any 
good surgestions what I should trace, it's not during game play, it's 
when interacting with the main menus.  also WRT the cd-protection, 
that's not what it dose, it waits a few seconds and then goes back to 
the retry/cancle dialogue, I don't need to kill anything (although 
that's not how it was at first)
This is all without DGA, and I'm looking at doing a hack surgested in 
the other thread to get much better fram rates (it's a bit slow at the 
mo, but should get better).  The crack I've got is supposed to be b.net 
compatable but I can't get it to let me on, although that hardly matters 
at the mo, given how bad my b.net connection is (telia has blocked all 
of the NTL users ip addresses cos someone had Code Red... major bummer, 
anyone think of a way of getting my box to route round it?  I'm using a 
linux gateway 4 address translation but play on windoze cos I can't get 
b.net up under wine.... anyway back on topic)
has anyone got LOD running on B.net under wine?  just wondering an 
asking where you got the crack, mine's nice cos it don't overwrite 
diablo II.exe, so windoze can still run it for b.net.  any ideas anyone? 
if I'm going to look at the copy protection code what sort of trace 
should I be runnning?  and where should I be looking at the code, I'm 
not famillia with the wine code so I'd apreaciate a pointer at what I'm 
lookin 4....

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