Severe font Y spacing problem with Abiword 0.9 and Wine

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Aug 5 17:31:37 CDT 2001

Windows abiword 0.9 running under Windows ME looks great,
seems to be able to load simple Microsoft Word files no problem.

The same app was unusable under Wine because of significant
display problems; typing one line of text was fine, but add a
second line, and the text lies on top of itself, as if the Y increment
between lines was far too small.  

This is with a no-Windows installation, btw,
regardless of whether I'm running on Red Hat 6.2 or 7.1.

Loading a plain text file from the commandline works but shows
a few warnings, plus the horrible display problem mentioned above.

I ran with -debugmsg warn+all,+relay,+text,+string and loaded a three-line
text file containing just "line 1" on the first line, "line 2" on the second, etc.
The resulting log is at
The interesting part of the log is at
Grepping the interesting part of the log for "line" and massaging a bit yields:

080682e0:Call gdi32.ExtTextOutW(00000f44,00000079,00000078,00000000,00000000,404343a0 L"line 1\01e9",00000006,00000000) ret=0048e02b
trace:text:X11DRV_ExtTextOut hdc=0f44 df=0003 121,120 L"line 1"..., 6  flags=0 lpDx=(nil)
trace:text:X11DRV_ExtTextOut    real coord: x=121, y=120, rect=(1081280799,3908 - 65535,1081427236)       
trace:text:X11DRV_GetTextExtentPoint L"line 1"... 6

080682e0:Call gdi32.ExtTextOutW(00000f44,00000079,0000007a,00000000,00000000,404343a0 L"line 2\01e9",00000006,00000000) ret=0048e02b
trace:text:X11DRV_ExtTextOut hdc=0f44 df=0003 121,122 L"line 2"..., 6  flags=0 lpDx=(nil)
trace:text:X11DRV_GetTextExtentPoint L"line 2"... 6
trace:text:X11DRV_ExtTextOut    real coord: x=121, y=122, rect=(1081280799,3908 - 65535,1081427236) 

080682e0:Call gdi32.ExtTextOutW(00000f44,00000079,0000007d,00000000,00000000,404343a0 L"line 3\01e9",00000006,00000000) ret=0048e02b
trace:text:X11DRV_ExtTextOut hdc=0f44 df=0003 121,125 L"line 3"..., 6  flags=0 lpDx=(nil)
trace:text:X11DRV_ExtTextOut    real coord: x=121, y=125, rect=(1081280799,3908 - 65535,1081427236)     
trace:text:X11DRV_GetTextExtentPoint L"line 3"... 6   

The Y values of 120, 122, 125 for the three lines of text
clearly show the line spacing problem, I think.
Any suggestions?
- Dan

"I have seen the future, and it licks itself clean." -- Bucky Katt

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