Resolutions and bits per pixel.

Chris the Elder chippo at
Wed Aug 8 08:56:34 CDT 2001

Greetings Gentlefolk,

It's a long time since I 'cvs updated' my wine sources.  I
did that last night, and after rebuilding I was left with
three questions.

My experience was that to run an 8-bit windoze app, I
had to run wine under an X server that was running in
8bpp.  This time, I forgot to switch to an 8-bit X, and to
my amazement, the app came up under 16 bpp.  Way

q1) An 8 bpp app running on a 16 bpp X server will be
slower than an 8 bpp app running on an 8 bpp X server,

My 16 bpp X server runs at 1600x1200, but I have a
dozen other resolutions defined in XF86Config, and they
work fine when I cycle (ctrl-alt-+) through them.  When
I brought up the full-screen 640x480 windows app, wine
automagically switched the X desktop into 640x480
mode (more cool!), however, it wasn't locked to the app,
and I could pan away from the app onto the rest of the

q2) Is there something I should do to wine.conf, to disable
panning when wine runs a full-screen app which wants
a resolution lower than the current X resolution?

My 8 bit full-screen 640x480 windoze app (it happens to
be StarCraft, but I'm sure that doesn't matter) used (with
my previous version of wine) to only run in an 8 bpp X
server which was running in 640x480.

q3) If I run the 8bpp full-screen 640x480 windoze app
under an 8bpp 640x480 X server, I get broken pallette
problems (which I don't experience under 16 bpp).  Is
soluable via some config setting?


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