Solaris X86 Wine

Robert Lunnon bob at
Thu Aug 9 07:09:13 CDT 2001

Thanks, I have a lot to learn before I can make a useful contribution. If I
can get winedbg working I have a chance. There are reports that fixing mmap
makes it possible to load and run console executables so that might be a
good starting point (See my previous message)

eric pouech wrote:

> > I am determined to see wine work again on Solaris.
> good resolution !!!! ;-)
> > 2. When starting Winedbg I get an xterm started with Title Wine Console
> > with the messages WineDbg Starting.... that sits that way forever. Then
> > I have to kill -9 wineserver to stop it. CAn someone give me an idea of
> > the control flow of winedbg so I have a starting point.
> the Wine debugger uses the standard Windows debugging API to get its
> information. This API implements basically the WaitForDebugEvent
> ContinueDebugEvent function pair. This API heavily uses the server to
> obtain its information. Basically, the server attaches to a process
> that should be debug (with ptrace) and sends back the information to
> whatever debugger is present.
> my first impression would be that the ptrace on Linux and *BSD is
> slightly
> different than the Solaris one...
> > I would appreciate if someone with CVS update access could fix these
> > things for me
> the normal procedure to submit patches is to send them (in diff -u form)
> to wine-patches at They will then be handled from there (only
> the project leader has cvs write access btw)
> A+

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