How do I make windows open maximised?

Peter McConnell pmcconne at
Tue Aug 14 05:06:23 CDT 2001

On 14 Aug 2001 00:44:34 +0100, Martin Liddle wrote:
> I have been dabbling with getting some of our Windows applications 
> running under Linux using the CodeWeavers preview 20010629.  I am making 
> good progress and am very pleased with the results.  However I am 
> currently stuck on one problem.  The Windows software is developed using 
> Borland Delphi and the application includes a number of forms that are 
> intended to be displayed full screen.  The forms have the Delphi 
> property WindowState set to wsMaximised.  Under Windows they open 
> maximised. Under Wine they open at their design size.  Can anybody give 
> me any clues as to what I should be looking at to fix this?

wine --managed (your application)
which will start an app with the gnome or kde window manager
then maximize and right click on top left corner and set the


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