Wine Menu Spacing

Jussi Jumppanen jussij at
Wed Aug 15 02:32:36 CDT 2001

When running the Zeus.exe application using wine 20010731 I 
noticed that the horizontal size of the menu is much larger 
than the same menu on Windows.

Inspecting the menu it is clear that the spacing between
the menu items is much larger for wine than for windows.

So I traced the reason for the spacing to the following
line in the controls/menu.c file (line 113):

 /* Space between 2 menu bar items */
 #define MENU_BAR_ITEMS_SPACE 2 /* was originally 12 */

With a reduced spacing the menu then looks very similar 
on a default installation of Mandrake Linux running wine 
as it does on windows.

Is there any reason why this spacing has been set to
such a large number?

Jussi Jumppanen
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