Chris Holden chltd at ezaccess.net
Wed Aug 15 22:04:35 CDT 2001

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

> x11drv is the "dllname" for this beast.  The leaf name for it as it
> lives in the linux filesystem is libx11drv.so.  Got one of those?
> Sorry, I don't know where SuSE puts it.  Mine is in /usr/local/lib.
> Likely places to look are /usr/lib and /opt/wine/lib (or
> /opt/lib/wine??).  Hmmm, if SuSE was kind enough to include wine's man
> pages, look at section FILES at the end of man wine:
>        ...
>        /usr/local/lib/
>               Directory containing wine's shared libraries
> Version 20010731           Aug 5, 2001
Mine says  /usr/lib/ !    And thats where it is!

> Yours might be different, but that is where libx11drv.so should live,
> and that directory should be in /etc/ld.so.conf, or in one of the
> environment variables LD_LIBRARY_PATH or WINEDLLPATH.

It is in /etc/ld.so.conf!
I put it in EXTRA_LD_LIBRARY_PATH but it still will not load!
Could it be broken?

> Why is root trying to run Wine?  Ideally, root should be a lazy sod, and
> should not do anything it doesn't have to do.

If you knew SuSE like I know SuSE you would know why root is trying to run 
Wine. In an ideal world Unix would not be so confusing!

Thanks again 

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