printing AND memory

Ian Pilcher ian.pilcher at
Fri Aug 17 14:14:18 CDT 2001

Richard Canada wrote:
> service "lotusnotes" protocol * not found; You might want to add this to 
> /etc/services

I'm pretty sure that this won't hurt anything.
>   and I am getting a winedb xterm when I tell it to print.  When I quit 
> the debugger, my printout prints and I have to kill wine and remove the 
> socket file.  Any suggestions on how I should proceed?

This probably means that Wine is getting some sort of signal (quite
possibly a segmentation fault).  Try running Wine under gdb; it should
tell you what's happening.

    gdb wine

    set args nlnotes


Post a backtrace.  (Type "bt" after you get the signal.)

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