printing AND memory

Richard Canada richard.canada at
Fri Aug 17 09:54:49 CDT 2001

wine-users-admin at wrote:
> Richard Canada wrote:
>>"file<n>" = "/usr/share/fonts/afms/adobe/pagd8a.afm"
>>"ppdfile" = "/windows/wine/TEMP/ADOBE/HP/HP4PLUS6.PPD"
> I'm not sure what to make of this.  It looks like you may have copied
> some entries out of dated documentation, without customising them for
> your system.  Some things have changed:
>   * [afmfiles] is not used anymore.  (And I don't think that the syntax
>     above ever worked.  <n> was supposed to be replaced by 0, 1, 2,
>     etc.)  Metrics for the 35 core PostScript fonts are now built in to
>     the driver, so you probably don't need to specify any AFM files.
>   * [psdrv] is not used anymore either.  PPD files can be specified on
>     a per-printer basis in the registry.  The easiest way to set this is
>     to customise psdrv.reg and use regapi.  (This is, in fact, required
>     if you're going to set up WINEPS printers manually.)
>   * The other alternative is to let Wine scan your /etc/printcap and
>     automatically set up your printers.  (It will try to guess which
>     printers are PostScript/Ghostscript capable.)  You still need to
>     specify one or more PPD files in your configuration file:
>         [ppd]
>         "lp0" = "/usr/share/PPD/IBM43241.PPD"
>         "lp1" = "/usr/share/PPD/HPLJ.PPD"
>         "generic" = "/usr/share/PPD/generic.ppd"
>     (The "generic" PPD file will be used for any printers that do not
>     have one specified.)
> All of this is discussed in the Wine documentation, although the version
> on the web site may be out of date.  If you have problems building the
> documentation in the source, I can send you a PDF version.

I have uninstalled the rpm for wine.  I have built wine using 
wineinstall from the cvs source.  I have edited psdrv.reg to use the 
generic.ppd and am using lotus notes.  I am able to print to my network 
printer, but I get this at the beginning of my error log:

service "lotusnotes" protocol * not found; You might want to add this to 

  and I am getting a winedb xterm when I tell it to print.  When I quit 
the debugger, my printout prints and I have to kill wine and remove the 
socket file.  Any suggestions on how I should proceed?


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