NeTraverse going under

B. Joshua Rosen bjrosen at
Tue Aug 21 17:33:31 CDT 2001

In article <9lugqp$phk$1 at>, "Uwe Bonnes"
<bon at> wrote:

> B. Joshua Rosen <bjrosen at> wrote: : Is it true that
> NeTraverse just went under? Does anyone know any details? : Do they have
> and plans to put Win4Lin into the public domain so that the : Linux
> community can continue to support it?
> To my knowledge, NeTraverse is "revamping", so it has not yet "went
> under"

The news story that I saw has been updated to say that things aren't as
bad as originally reported, they are down to 22 people not 5 as
originally reported. 

I think that Win4Lin is great product and I encourage everyone to buy a
copy. It would be a tragedy if Win4Lin went away. 


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