NeTraverse NOT going under

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Wed Aug 22 02:51:46 CDT 2001

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>Is it true that NeTraverse just went under? Does anyone know any details?
>Do they have and plans to put Win4Lin into the public domain so that the
>Linux community can continue to support it?

The clearest statements on all three  of these are from Jim Curtin
(Netraverse CEO) to the win4lin-users list - (and answers on the first
two, 'no' and 'reduced staff of 18 +4 on commission', have been posted
to this ng on another thread, qv).

Paraphrasing Curtin's answer to the third,  Netraverse have an exclusive
use of the win4lin technology on a royalty basis from CA (who bought out
Popek's Platinum. I think). Netraverse will _eventually_ own the
copyright outright, but not yet - they _would_ then be in a position to
consider a more open publication of the technology, but clearly still
feel that the IP is a significant commercial asset, so 'don't hold your

robert w hall

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