My adventures with Wine and Netscape

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Wed Aug 29 02:50:16 CDT 2001

Darrin Edwards <edwards at> wrote:

: This did indeed help in one case, thanks!

: To recap, the 2 windows error boxes I saw were netscape claiming the
: e: drive didn't exist; I proved this was bogus because when I pointed
: netscape.exe at file://e:/, it could read it fine.

I still think that something is fishy abiut the error regarding "e:', either
your config, or the access rights you have  on your drives or something in
the wine directory/file handling...

: The second box was the stupid plugin (the reason I am doing all this
: in the first place) claiming it couldn't access its strunner.ini file
: due to "admin" privileges.  When I turned on --debugmsg (with

An application claiming something about "admin" thinks it runs on nt. So try
running with --winver win95 and look what changes


: Unfortunately, trying to use the plugin under netscape.exe is still
: not working; wine gives me a message that winedbg can't execute
: 'dddddddddd ddd' where each d is a digit 0-9 (sorry probably should
: have recorded the numbers), and netscape.exe hangs at this point.  I
: am thinking this may mean I didn't install wine (or winedbg?)
: correctly.  If I did, then I may be stuck, as it is likely to be the
: fault of the stupid javascript games played by the site requiring this
: plugin, or of the poor design of the plugin itself.

winedbg showing up means that the application crashed. Try to set up winedbg
and then you can get a backtrace, telling you more about the problem.

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