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Thu Feb 1 12:00:07 CST 2001

On Thu, 1 Feb 2001, Robert Tilley wrote:

> I have been using apt-get to maintain the latest version of WINE on my Debian system.
> Problem?  When I attempt to run Agent (wine /mnt/C/Program\ Files/Agent/agent.exe) the following response is seen:
> ***
> tillarium:~# wine /mnt/C/Program\ Files/Agent/agent.exe
> /usr/bin/wine: [: too many arguments
> No configuration file detected.
> No configuration file detected.
> tillarium:~#
> ***
> When I press the Configuration button on the error screen, this happens:
> ***
> Error:  Unable to find winesetup in your PATH or in /opt/wine/bin
> ***
> Can someone please explain this?  I've been told that Wine can run Agent but I need to get Wine configured first it seems.
> Robert Tilley
> tilleyrw at

I don't have en error screen, with or without configuration button, nor
do I have any winesetup, so I guess maybe they are Debian wrappers or
so.  is Debian the one that names wine to wine.bin and wraps it with
something else?

Yes, you need to configure wine.  It is not clever enough to guess which
resources on your *nix system you want to let windows apps get at.

Have a read or two of "man wine.conf"

Or maybe copy the sample you might find in
<wine>/documentation/samples/config and change the paths to point to
paths that exist on your system.


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