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>>The beta version of turnpike 6 is out.
>It's not at www.turnpike.com, so I can't give it
>a try for now.


 It's at ftp.demon.com
 see below

 Here's the full post from demon.ip.support.turnpike


 Announcing Turnpike Six v6.00 Beta 1

 The first beta version of Turnpike Six v6.00 is now available.

 This beta is freely available for existing users of Turnpike.  If you 
 have a Universal licence it will work with other ISPs, otherwise it will 
 only work when you are connected to Demon.

 The beta test version is TIME LIMITED. It will stop working after 1st 
 April 2001.  You must replace it with a later version before then.

 *                                                                     * 
 *  DOCUMENT.                                                          *
 *                                                                     *

 You will need to be using Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 
 NT4 or Windows 2000.

 The rest of this announcement is:

 1. What's new in Turnpike Six v6.00

 2. Notes for Windows NT4 & Windows 2000 users

 3. The IP Insight Client

 4. Beta version caveats

 5. How to install and use the beta

 6. How to report problems or otherwise comment

 We are most grateful to all who try a beta version.  We are especially 
 grateful to those who report problems with a beta version, particularly 
 when the report leads us to fix the problem!

 1. What's new in Turnpike Six v6.00

 The Turnpike 'Offline' application has been replaced by a Turnpike 
 extension to Windows Explorer (henceforth "Turnpike"). This means that 
 your Turnpike folders now appear in the Windows Explorer folder tree 
 alongside My Computer, Network Neighbourhood and the Recycle Bin, 
 instead of appearing within a separate application. Turnpike can still 
 however be launched via its desktop icon or via its entry in the Start 

 Note that Windows Explorer is not the same as Internet Explorer, 
 Turnpike Six does not care which, if any, browser you use.

 The Turnpike 'Connect' application remains largely unchanged, but almost 
 all of its functionality is now available from within Turnpike. In 
 particular the 'Deliver' toolbar button will connect you to the 
 Internet, send and receive mail and news, and then disconnect all in the 
 background. You will be provided with a 'taskbar tray' icon (next to the 
 clock) to indicate that Turnpike is connected to the Internet, and by 
 right-clicking on this icon you can show the full Turnpike 'Connect' 

 For further information on usage of Turnpike Six see the 'Quick Start 
 Guide' - accessible from the Help and Start menus.  This is a PDF file 
 and may be downloaded separately if required.

 There is also the Help and the User Manual available from the Start 
 menu. In addition we have provided a document with specific information 
 for users migrating to Turnpike Six from previous versions of Turnpike. 
 This document is called 'Migration.rtf' and is accessible from the Start 

 For information about changes in previous versions of Turnpike please 


 2. Notes for Windows NT4 & Windows 2000 users

 Notes for Windows NT4 users:

 DUN is not suitable for Windows NT users, so will not be installed. NT4 
 users should install RAS, which will work with Turnpike in the same way 
 as DUN. In order to use RAS to access the Internet it is strongly 
 recommended that you install Service Pack 3 or later.

 In order to run the Turnpike installer you must be logged in with 
 administrator privileges.  Once installer has been run, the user no 
 longer requires administrator privileges to use Turnpike.

 You will also need to have administrator privileges if you wish Turnpike 
 Connect to install a modem. You can use installed modems without such 

 Notes for Windows 2000 users:

 Windows 2000 has a new scheme for connection handling. If connections 
 are created in the Network and Dialup Connections by the Turnpike 
 Connect program while logged in with administrator privileges, those 
 connections can also later be used when logged in as other users. 
 However, when connections are created while logged in without 
 administrator privileges, then those connections are private to that 
 user and cannot be seen or used by others.

 In order to run the Turnpike installer you must be logged in with 
 administrator privileges.  Once installer has been run, the user no 
 longer requires administrator privileges to use Turnpike.

 You will also need to have administrator privileges if you wish Turnpike 
 Connect to install a modem. You can use installed modems without such 

 3. Inverse's IP InSight

 The Visual Networks IP InSight software previously installed with 
 Turnpike 5 is not being used with this Turnpike Six beta test.  The 
 existing Visual Networks IP InSight installation will ignore Turnpike 

 4. Beta version caveats

 This is a Beta version.  That means that it is a relatively recent 
 version of the program, and although we believe that it generally works, 
 it will have more bugs in it than we would expect in a full version.

 [The purpose of beta-testing is to shake out those bugs that seem only 
 to appear when software is used by "real people" (as opposed to 

 So, if you elect to use the beta you are accepting an *unquantified* 
 risk. That risk can be mitigated by following the advice below, but it 
 cannot be eliminated.

 5. How to install and use the Beta

 First, please re-read Section 4 above, and be sure that you accept the 
 risk implied in using beta software.

 Second, because we cannot support beta versions for ever, this program 
 is time limited, so please note: it will not work after 1st April 2001.

 Third, *PLEASE* backup your TURNPIKE directory and all sub-directories. 
 Turnpike Six's database files are not backwards compatible with previous 
 version's database files.  The only way to revert, if necessary, is to 
 restore from a backup, see below.

 The Turnpike Six v6.00 beta is only available by FTP.  Choose from one 
 of the following:

 a.      ftp://ftp.demon.co.uk/pub/mirrors/turnpike/beta600/fv600b1.exe

         This is the full download, including Turnpike Six, the Quick
         Start Guide, User Manual and up to date DUN.  This is the
         recommended download if you want the User Manual.

         16,542,309 bytes

 or, for a smaller download

 b.      ftp://ftp.demon.co.uk/pub/mirrors/turnpike/beta600/sv600b1.exe

         This is the standard download, including Turnpike Six and the
         Quick Start Guide but excluding the User Manual and DUN.

         8,033,613 bytes

 or, just the documentation

 c.      ftp://ftp.demon.co.uk/pub/mirrors/turnpike/beta600/manual.zip

         The User Manual

         5,651,205 bytes



         The Quick Start Guide.

         434,941 bytes

 Note that if you download the User Manual separately from Turnpike Six 
 there will be no link to it in the start menu.

 To install the beta run the .exe you have just downloaded -- before 
 which you will have backed up your current Turnpike, won't you :-).

 If you need a PDF viewer (the manuals require Acrobat 4) then these have 
 been shipped on Demon CDROMS.  Alternatively consult:


 Turnpike Six files are not backwards compatible with previous Turnpikes. 
 Therefore if you wish to revert to Turnpike 5 you must have backups. 
 (For Turnpike 5 read Turnpike 1,3,4 or 5).

 a.      Export from Turnpike Six any mail or news that you wish to
         re-import into your previous Turnpike 5.  Mail must be exported
         in Berkeley mailbox format, news must be exported in batch news

 b.      Backup your Turnpike Six files.

 c.      Uninstall Turnpike Six.

 d.      Restore the Turnpike 5 files from your backups.  If you are
         restoring into the same directory as Turnpike Six, ensure that
         all the contents are first moved elsewhere or deleted.  Do not
         mix Turnpike 5 files with those from Turnpike Six.

 e.      Reinstall Turnpike 5 over the restored files.

 f.      Run Turnpike 5 and import the files exported in step a.

 6. How to report problems or otherwise comment

 We're interested in all comments, it will make our lives easier if you 
 could send reports to:

 a.      beta at turnpike.com -- for crashes or other failures :-(

         *Please* do not be tempted to keep a problem to yourself!  If we
         don't hear about it, we cannot fix it.

         If the fault caused a PROBLEMx.TXT file to be generated, then
         please include this in your report. Please do not send
         PROBLEMx.BAK files - they generally just duplicate material.
         Having sent in such a file please erase it : reports accumulate
         and we do not need to see them twice.

 b.      demon.ip.support.turnpike for any news postings about the beta,
         we recommend starting the subject with "Beta:", so that those
         not interested can skip past.

 Please try to avoid following up this article, some people filter 
 ANNOUNCE: articles and do not wish to see the resultant flamewars :) 
 Also, it is unlikely that we will reply to issues raised in this thread; 
 please start a new thread with a suitable subject.

 If there is hot news on the beta, we will announce it in 
 demon.ip.support.turnpike, with a subject starting "ANNOUNCE:".

 Please note that support for the beta version is strictly by email, via 
 beta at turnpike.com.  Please do not disturb the regular support people or 
 route around our problem tracking system by using personal mailboxes!

 - --
 Paul Overell          Development Manager, Client Software, Thus plc

robert w hall

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