turnpike 6 - a challenge for i cognoscenti, or a lost cause

Juergen Schmied juergen.schmied at debitel.net
Mon Feb 5 11:44:16 CST 2001

> The Turnpike 'Offline' application has been replaced by a Turnpike 
> extension to Windows Explorer (henceforth "Turnpike"). This means that 
> your Turnpike folders now appear in the Windows Explorer folder tree 
> alongside My Computer, Network Neighbourhood and the Recycle Bin, 
> instead of appearing within a separate application. Turnpike can still 
> however be launched via its desktop icon or via its entry in the Start 
> Menu.
It may use some shell related features but there is nothing what makes it too
hard to fake a explorer like environment to this program.

It just means some folders are implemented as shell extensions. To host such
a extension you don't have to use the windows explorer. Any explorer-like
program should do the job - like the GXExplorer. Last time I tried (half year ago)
this program was nearly usable.

It would be possible to write a small standalone program to host such a 
shell extension also.



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