Partial success: "Microshaft Winblows98"

Andreas Mohr aqi46g09cu001 at
Tue Feb 6 20:37:57 CST 2001

Dan Kegel <dank at> wrote:
> Andreas Mohr wrote:
>> Dan Kegel <dank at> wrote:
>> > (That messagebox says "Setup is unable to initialize the language dialog box.
>> >   Error 106"   )
>> Grrrrr.
>> This has all been written at for ages.

> Thanks for the pointer.  
> says:
>> This happens when the installer can't do a GETFILEVERSIONINFOSIZE() on GDI.EXE
>> (probably because you're running a no-windows Wine setup).
>> You need a valid GDI.EXE file in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM.

> I did look through the FAQ-O-Matic, but I must say I hadn't
> explored the whole thing; it's hard to use.
> Wish there was a flat view of it.
Well, searching for "Error 106" results in 3 hits...

> What would it take to fix this, assuming that installing any part
> of real Windows is not an option?
You need a GDI.EXE with valid content.
So yes, Gerard is right: A (very !) skilled vi user would even be
able to fix that. Note that this is more a joke than anything else...

But the ultimate solution would be to have valid DLL stubs.

Andreas Mohr

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