Palm Hotsync success...

Andre Diamand andre at
Thu Feb 15 12:35:04 CST 2001

Bernhard Mogens Ege wrote:

> Well, after having given up uppon serial communication from
> hotsync.exe to the Palm Vx, I decided to try network communication
> instead.
> I am able to perform a complete hotsync even with Netscape Calendar
> synchronization. I am not doing anything special to make it work but
> it is not straight forward, neither.
> I start hotsync.exe, configuring it for network access only. Then I
> start pi-nredir (from the pilot-unix/pilot-link package). This
> establishes a link from the serial port to the hotsync network
> interface. I setup the hotsync on Palm for normal serial port sync and
> press the hotsync button. Thats it. A complete hotsync is performed,
> even with conduits being run and synced.
> I have to start pi-nredir like this:
> PILOTRATE=57600 pi-nredir /dev/pilot
> Not giving the PILOTRATE default pi-nredir to 9600 baud which easily
> causes hotsync.exe to timeout. /dev/pilot as a symbolic link to
> /dev/ttyS0 (the serial port).
> I run hotsync like this:
> wine -desktop 640x480 Program\ Files/Palm/hotsync.exe
> If I don't use the desktop argument, I see the system tray appear and
> immediately disappear again, having me to kill wine to regain
> control. I wonder why the system tray disappears???? I would prefer to
> have it instead of the -desktop which is huge compared to the systray
> window. -managed or not does not make a difference.
> I can also establish a ppp link between the palm device and linux and
> perform a direct network hotsync. Hotsync.exe does not see the
> difference (not sure it should, either).
> These are the only 4 "problems" (some of them show up more than once):
> FIXME:pthread_rwlock_rdlock
> FIXME:pthread_rwlock_unlock
> service "unieng" protocol "tcp" not found; You might want to add this to /etc/services
> fixme:string:OLE_GetFormatA datelen = 0, returning 255
> When hotsync.exe is quit, this error shows:
> err:heap:HEAP_ValidateInUseArena Heap 40490000: in-use arena 40490160 next block has PREV_FREE flag
> Other than the missing systray, this is great!
> regards,
> Bernhard Ege


How do you configure the hotsync to use the network, when the desktop
comes out its impossible for me to click the hotsync icon.


Andre Diamand

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