WINE and Adobe Pagemaker 6.5

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Fri Feb 23 08:57:48 CST 2001

"BjЖrn Berg" <bjoern at> wrote:

> I just started with Linux a year ago. But I miss some Windows-programs such
> like Adobe Pagemaker. I've heard that it is possible to run this program
> with a wine-emulation.
> So I get a real Windows-system from a friend and copied it to the
> destination wine is expecting the MS-Windows-system.

Wine does not expect an "MS-Windows-system", Wine replaces it completely.

> I could install Pagemaker without problems, but running it is impossible,
> because at every start, there comes a message that there is not enough
> memory to run this application. This is a Failure that Pagemaker makes
> internal.
> So my question is, how to get more memory for wine to run Pagemaker 6.5?

Are you talking seriously? Wine uses all the memory given to it by an OS.

> Are there any other possibilities getting started with Pagemaker emulated
> by Wine??

Use clean setup, without MS dlls.
PM 6.5 is one of my test applications for Wine. It works great for me.

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