winelib and msvcrt/stdio.h

brian r randomaccess at
Thu Jul 19 11:37:37 CDT 2001

Sorry about my previous post, e.g. the one which was a mess with attached files included in text--i.e.  The message which you may have thought, "What the hey?!"

Anyways, my problem may be applicable and I have found the problem.  In msvcrt/stdio.h includes wctype.h with the comment that it is required for NT.  Since I was using Windows 2000, I commented it out.  I know 2000 is based on NT but is also pretty different I think.  Anyways, I made progress by copying the wctype.h file from Windows 2000.  However, now I have to make changes to the file because it conflicts with /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i386-redhat-linux/2.96/include/stddef.h.

Then I copied some of the defined names to wctype.h from stddef.h.  E.g. so only one of the 2 definitions of wint_t is used.  Has someone already done this?  Are there specific defined types which should be used from one file or the other?


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