Wine loose socket connection

Vladimir mitevski at
Fri Jul 27 21:26:17 CDT 2001

mitevski at (Vladimir) wrote in message news:<bfc26ffb.0107101708.3e702a1 at>...
> Hi...
> I'm using this streaming application that uses network to connect to
> the serever and retrive information.  Everything is working fine,
> however when I try to resize or move any windows it drops the socket
> connection.  The application has abbility to detect that lost
> connection and it retries as soon as it disconnect.  After 1 min the
> application finally reconnect itself.
> I try to read for the wine socket but I could not find anything that
> is related to my problem.
> Any sugestions will be great.
> P.S. Thanks for the WINEPREFIX help...

Sorry I could not reply sooner. 

I'm using the latest wine binary and still getting the same problem. 
When you mentioned I should use the latest binary where you aware of
any simular problems as mine that was addressed and fixed into the
latest wine binary?


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