Wine controls without wine?

Matthew Lake mlake459 at
Mon Jul 2 14:33:56 CDT 2001

What are the odds of getting windows controls out of wine?  I'm looking for
widgets that closely mimic windows common controls without the need for a
monolithic window re-implamentation.

I have a unix port of a program and all I want is to use my current gui code
with haveing to re-add all the windows stuff.  I've tried using wine before
(and sent in my patches to wine development for fixes I made) but with wine,
it's all or nothing.  I want to run file io natively, sockets natively and
fork() natively (since that all currently works).  I don't want to do a
ground up re-write of the gui for Unix.

Is there a way I can get just the common controls out of wine without
haveing to compile my windows version against it.  Or am I barking up the
wrong tree?

Is there a similar project that does what I'm looking for? or do I have to
start from scratch with GTK or QT/KDE?

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