Wine controls without wine?

Matthew Lake mlake459 at
Mon Jul 2 17:07:38 CDT 2001

"Uwe Bonnes" <bon at> wrote in message
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> Matthew Lake <mlake459 at> wrote:
> : What are the odds of getting windows controls out of wine?  I'm looking
> : widgets that closely mimic windows common controls without the need for
> : monolithic window re-implamentation.
> : I have a unix port of a program and all I want is to use my current gui
> : with haveing to re-add all the windows stuff.  I've tried using wine
> : (and sent in my patches to wine development for fixes I made) but with
> : it's all or nothing.  I want to run file io natively, sockets natively
> : fork() natively (since that all currently works).  I don't want to do a
> : ground up re-write of the gui for Unix.
> Every widget set (Motif,GTK,KDE,Athena) is probably a "all or nothing"
> But winelib allows you to use "io natively, sockets natively and fork()"
> (native on Unix I think) while reusing the windows GUI stuff.
> Bye

I know fork doesn't work.  if you called fork from within a program using
winelib, when that process ends, all windows associated with the the main
processes become invalid.  I tried using native unix fileio but that caused
problem with the startup code for winelib.  The "all or nothing" situation I
suffered from is that any time I was using native unix call for anything
that winelib provides intorduced conflects and instability in both the
program and the libs.

That and with native unix widgets, I'm not bound to a huge set of librarys
that are likely not present on a target computer where Motif,GTK,KDE,Athena,
etc are likely to be since Motif, KDE, GTK and Athena come with SCO,
Solaris, Linux, etc. and are generally much smaller then WINE.

Don't get me wrong here, WINE is an excellant project and hopefully in the
next year or so, windows will no longer be necessary for general apps.  I
will try again to just use the widgets WINE provides since it has been about
a year since my last attempt.  Does anybody have any pointers on how to
distrobute WINE in such a fasion to not need dozzens of support libs for
just the common controls? (incase it does work)


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