Brian Postow bpostow at
Wed Jul 4 12:22:01 CDT 2001

>No Transgaming *direct3D* support in wine.
>The rest is supposed to be integrated.
>BTW the winver=win20 is pretty funny ;-)

er, that was supposed to be win2000...

Now, here's the odd thing, on the suggestion of someone who is (I
believe) off group, I tried nt40 on a CVS RPM install. it claims that
not only does it have directX, but 3D as well. However, after testing
3dfx Glide (which I'm pretty sure should be included right?) it tells
me that I need to install the latest nt4 service pack. 

All other winvers fail when testing hardware and says I need directX.
I even tried installing the directX 7.1 that came with Diablo, and
(unsurprisingly) it didn't help. 


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