Troubles with XFree86-4.10 and sound

Sinner from the Prairy sinner_prairy.NOSPAM at
Fri Jul 6 23:20:53 CDT 2001

OK, it's somehow solved.

I downgraded to XFree 3.3.6 (even that I know it worked on 4.0.3 
but...), and I tried again. The same error. Then, I noticed that in the 
~/.wine/config file there was no reference to "ntdll" , as seen at the 
end of the error.

So I got a "nt.dll" from a demo install of Win4Lin, I copy'd it into 
the application's directory, and it worked!

Now, I' have to go back to XFree 4.10 and see what happens.


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